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The How-To of sleek hair

Our hero Sleek Styler is your go-to purse addition, to elevate your brows and hair. 

Whether you’re taming baby hairs, frizzy days or opting for the off-duty model look, the sleek styler is your (not so secret) secret weapon. 

The Off-Duty Model Look

Lightly brush out your hair and tweak your part - opt for middle, for the ultimate Hailey Beiber look. Once your flyaways are secured down from the gentle gel, pull your hair back into a bun. 

Touch up your middle part as required, and go conquer the day!

The Laminated Brows Look

Brush minimal product through your brows, in an upward motion, and leave to set. A little goes a long way, so start small for an instantly-laminated and fluffy brow look. 

The Anti-Frizz Look

We’ve all been there, the just-out-of-shower look can be hard to overcome with sensitive hair and fluffy remnants of humidity. You still want to wear your hair down, but it just needs a little tweak for a fresh and polished finish. Style your hair as you wish, then target your flyaways in your part. The supporting ingredients in the Sleek Styler won’t leave your hair crunchy, just perfectly sleeked. 


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