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Four steps to morning mindfulness

When you look after yourself, you glow differently. It’s about the little tweaks in your routine that elevate your health and wellness, helping you achieve your higher self. Start the day off right with a killer morning routine, and the rest will follow…

 Step 1 - Be intentional and consistent

Did you know it takes approximately 21 - 66 days to start a new habit? You must nurture it, and be intentionally disciplined in your practice. A consistent routine gives you a foundation to thrive, and feed your body what it needs. Practice waking at the same time every day, no excuses!

Step 2 - Resist technology

You reach for your phone as soon as you wake up, but what is this really doing for your brain? Information overload. You’ve barely opened your eyes and all of a sudden you’re inundated with stimuli, severely impacting your ability to prioritize. And what should be top priority always? YOU. A little tip we like is having a clock to wake you up instead of your phone, that way you can have time to yourself for the first hour of the morning. 

Step 3 - Gratitude

What are you thankful for? Whether it’s the rain outside, or a bountiful breakfast, or spending time with your loved one, there’s always something to be grateful for, and it’s important to give time to that thought in the morning. Take a few deep breathes, sit in silence and write a list of 5 things you’re grateful for today - you’re bound to finish the exercise feeling light and ready to conquer the day.

Step 4 - Give back to your body

Taking the time to give yourself some TLC is what tweak is all about. Those little self-care moments and beauty touch ups, to make you feel your most confident self. Our go-to is the Pink Plumping Eye Mask, perfect to de-puff as soon as you wake up, making you feel rejuvenated for the day. Full of nourishing and nutrient-rich ingredients, swipe on the mask for an instant hydration boost and mood lift! 

Remember beauties, when you look after yourself, you glow from the inside out.


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